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Student Rewards

At Westfield Academy, we believe that rewarding students who exhibit positive behaviours is the best way to reinforce our expectations. We have worked closely with the Student Council to plan rewards so that they become part of everyday life at Westfield Academy.

Daily Rewards

  • Verbal praise by staff to recognise an achievement or a good level of effort
  • Positive referrals by staff recorded on Go4Schools
  • Raffle tickets given out by staff for students who have made a concerted effort to go above and beyond what is expected in the Academy
  • Positive phone calls home, by staff, to notify parents of specific achievements or effort shown in lessons or around the Academy

Weekly Rewards

  • Postcards home

Fortnightly Rewards

  • Raffle in the fortnightly Head of Year assemblies - the winners can choose whether to receive a small prize or to be entered into the main prize draw at the end of term

Half-termly Rewards

  • Student of the half-term
  • Attendance rewards

Termly Rewards

  • Rewards trip for students with most positive points
  • Raffle
  • Student of the term