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Student Leadership


This is compulsory for all Year 12 students, in order to enhance their social development and journey towards their chosen career paths.

Each society has a Lead, for which students must express their interest by applying for and undertaking an interview for this role. The enrichment that students partake in are linked to the societies they are a part of.

This is an optional for Year 13 students (who will be more focussed on Year 13 exams).

Society members attend webinars, trips, listen to external speakers, and partake in extra reading and research.


The enrichment programme is compulsory for all Year 12 students. Students will have an enrichment log booklet, in which the student completes by stating what they have done and how it has been beneficial to them, and to the department that they are working in. Members of staff in that department then check and sign the log, if they are in agreement.

As part of the enrichment programme, all Year 12 students will be expected to read to Year 7 students in form time.

Rewards are given for those students working above and beyond expectations.