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Student Council

Student Council at Westfield Academy provides all students with the opportunity to have a say in how their school is run. Student Council representatives, from each year group, meet regularly with the Headteacher and the Trustees to discuss their ideas about how the students themselves can make the Academy a better place day-to-day.

Whether it is ideas about what they eat in the canteen, the Academy behaviour policies, end-of-year activities, or to simply discuss any concerns or issues around the Academy, the students' voices are heard. Over the last few years, the Student Council has worked hard to make changes such as:

  • Compulsory Academy ties for all Year 7-11 students from September 2014
  • Publishing the first student-led Westfield Academy newspaper
  • Re-designing the Behaviour4Learning strategies used in the classroom
  • Updating the uniform policy
  • Introducing "Cultural Day" as a yearly event in the Westfield calendar


The main aim of the Student Council is to make sure that, as a school community, every person has the opportunity to be able to make an impact on what goes on in the Academy.

Being a representative for Student Council builds a student's confidence, their communication and interpersonal skills, and allows them to be a part of the important processes which take place within the Academy.

Ultimately, it is the Academy's mission to inspire students to be engaged citizens, who care about the surrounding community, and are willing to act to try and make changes for the better.