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Personal Development


Whilst we understand that the main reason why you come to school is to gain the grades that will help you to be successful in the next stages of your career journey, we also believe that the development of students as well-rounded members of the local and national community is just as important. This is why personal development is a key pillar of the Westfield Academy programme of learning and students are encouraged to engage with wider themes and exposed to a range of activities that will support them to develop fully.

We understand the importance of developing in students the 5 fundamental British Values of Democracy, Tolerance, Mutual Respect, Individual Liberty and the Rule of Law and these form a key part of the PSHE programme as well as lessons. Our PSHE programme is designed to reflect both the Statutory Guidance (2021) but also the individual needs of the students at Westfield and to reflect the opportunities, pressures and dangers that they face living in our local and national community. Our CIAEG programme allows students the opportunity to gain exposure to the types of opportunities that they will thrive in, and we aim for them to be able to experience a full range of post 16 and post 18 options.

Our aim is that students are able to leave Westfield Academy as valued and valuable members of the communities that they become a part of, and we know that this is about helping them to become independent, resilient and confident future learners and leaders.


The core ethos at Westfield is “Believe, Strive, Achieve” and this runs through everything that we do. This is from finding the teachers embedding the language in the curriculum and their lessons as well as it underpinning our behaviour and rewards systems.

We also embed Personal Development through a range of means including:

  • External Speakers: Every year we are looking for opportunities for local community speakers and high-quality, external speakers to come in and speak to the students about key topics.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award: In KS4 and KS5, students have the opportunity to complete activities inside and outside school to help achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver awards.
  • Volunteering Opportunities: Through external partnerships, we offer opportunities for our students to develop their character through volunteering in the local community.
  • Form Time: One of the form time sessions every week is dedicated to Personal Development and getting students to understand the wider world.
  • PSHE Curriculum: Our PSHE curriculum is designed to support students at the correct age and stage in their development through Westfield Academy.
  • Assemblies: Each week, the assembly will be based on a key topic or issue and linked to a strand of Personal Development.
  • Extra-Curricular Clubs: We operate a series of opportunities to get involved in specific projects and awards around the school, including eco-club, sports clubs, creative writing, public speaking and even FIFA Club.