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Modern Foreign Languages


Our vision is to develop students’ linguistic capabilities, by helping them believe in their capacity to learn and strive for excellence in their learning. We offer an enriched curriculum in which we are able to support students to achieve the skills we practise in lessons. Namely – to be able to read, write, speak and translate in French and Spanish.

We are a department who provides support and culturally enriching learning opportunities, with cross-curricular links.

We provide students with an interesting curriculum that has opportunities to watch theatre productions, travel on day trips to the BFI or French Institute in London, or to go on residential trips abroad. We have a weekly Ciné Club, in which we study films and discuss ideas, and we have revision GCSE master classes after school. As part of the lesson, we also have opportunities to practise speaking French and Spanish with our MFL assistants.

The Academy’s core values of Believe, Strive, Achieve underpin our vision in the department where we hope to equip the next generation of linguists to go on to learn languages in the Sixth Form, and beyond at university level. As part of this vision, we encourage students to succeed in their home languages, where students have now continued with language learning at A-Level.

We are working to incorporate the new GCSE curriculum into our KS3 lessons and assessments, and this is also with a focus on bringing in activities that are encouraging students to speak in French and Spanish. We also encourage students to participate in International opportunities, to exchange penpal letters to other schools in France and Spain. This encourages links between students of different nationalities and enhances the experience of learning a second language. Due to our continued work with the employment of French and Spanish assistants, our Academy has gained recognition for our efforts, by the British Council.

We are always looking for greater opportunities to enhance international ties, and opportunities to learn languages in a more enriching way. This is reflected in our outward focus from the classroom.

Our intent is that the curriculum:

  • Students have opportunities to learn a language from Years 7-13, with the aim of encouraging the study of languages at university level. 
  • Provides a broad curriculum that has cross-curriculum links. 
  • Provides opportunities for skills to be developed to allow full participation in lessons.
  • Provides opportunities for speaking and listening skills to be enhanced and pronunciation reinforced with the French and Spanish language assistants.
  • Delivers opportunities for students to learn to be successful linguists.
  • Expands students' opportunities to consider their opinions on PSHE topics covered in GCSE subject content. 
  • Ensures opportunities to continue learning beyond the classroom. 
  • Ensures that all students are able to learn languages in a safe and nurturing environment. 
  • Provides an appropriate range of opportunities and experiences to inspire language learning and travel.
  • Closing the disadvantaged gap – by providing Pupil Premium students with support for trips, where possible to do so.