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What provisions are in place for children with extra support needs?

Please contact the SEN department to discuss.

What does an average day look like in regard to curriculum in each year group?

5 lessons per day; 25 lesson per week - following the National Curriculum.

How many students are currently in this school?


How many students are in each form group?


Where do the students eat?

We have two canteens - one in the main hall and one downstairs. There is also a separate 6th Form canteen. Students are permitted to go outside, except in bad weather.

What does the behaviour policy cover / entail?

Consequence system including a series of warnings, isolation room, Saturday detention (for bullying / truancy). A copy of our Behaviour Policy can be found here.

What is the length of the school days?

8:15am - 2:50pm

What subjects are studied at Westfield Academy?

All the typical subjects found in the National Curriculum, as well as Art, Drama, DT, Humanities and Music.

What uniform is required? How much does it cost? Where can it be obtained from?

The uniform policy can be found here. Pricing ranges, dependent on sizes and items selected. Our uniform supplier is Mapac.

We also offer a second-hand uniform shop. Further details can be found here.

What have been the recent exam results?

The DfE Performance Table can be found using this link: DfE Performance Table.

What after school clubs are available and for what year groups?

A current listing of available extracurricular activities can be found here. Please note that some clubs and activities change periodically, dependent on the term.

How many students have applied to Westfield Academy for this academic year?

330 were allocated (106 were 1st choice; 59 were 2nd choice; 36 were 3rd choice; 50 were 4th choice). We are oversubscribed.

Our PAN is 240. However, to help the Local Authority, this year we have agreed to extend our intake to 270.