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Our vision is to develop well-rounded, confident and responsible individuals who strive to achieve their full potential through a culture of high expectations.

We will do this by providing a welcoming, safe, and calm learning environment in which everyone is equal, and all achievements are celebrated.

We have designed a rigorous, coherent curriculum to ensure that all students gain the knowledge that they require to move onto their next stage of education or employment. We are ambitious for our students; we believe the English Baccalaureate curriculum is a good benchmark for academic education and each year over 80% of our students successfully follow this pathway.

We want students to progressively assume more responsibility for their learning as they become more proficient in a particular skill or concept. We emphasise this through the use of The Westfield Way pedagogy in our daily teaching & learning practices. This prioritises knowledge recall, consolidation and independent study.

Our intent is that the curriculum:

  • Enables high standards of academic achievement, where outcomes empower students from all backgrounds to progress to Higher Education. 
  • Provides a broad curriculum that is truly comprehensive and accessible to all students. 
  • Allows students to demonstrate the knowledge that they have cumulatively gained over time.
  • Delivers opportunities for students to learn to be successful, to gain useful, transferable skills whilst also acquiring relevant knowledge. 
  • Expands students' perspectives through a range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural opportunities to promote their sense of moral and social responsibility. 
  • Ensures that all students are able to thrive and develop as healthy individuals and good citizens. 
  • Ensures that all students are safe and understand how to stay safe. 
  • Provides an appropriate range of opportunities and experiences to inspire students to succeed in the next stage in their education, training or employment.