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Business Studies & ICT


Our vision is to create a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment within Business & Computing, where students become confident, independent learners and develop life skills to help prepare them for the future and outside world.


Our core values of ‘Believe, Strive, Achieve’ reinforces our vision and forms an integral part of our curriculum in business and computing. As our vision states, we want our students to leave us equipped with these core values and life skills that will enable them to thrive in all stages of their lives, in the outside world.

We are proud to educate students from all starting points and backgrounds. Our community is diverse, so with this in mind, we want to inspire every child to have high aspirations for themselves. We want them to believe they can access the best opportunities in life and we understand that the key to this is giving them the best outcomes.

The curriculum for Business & IT on the internet has evolved to meet the dynamic demands of the digital age. The emphasis is not only on theoretical knowledge but also on practical, hands-on experience to equip students with the skills needed in real-world Business & IT environments. The ever-changing landscape of technology requires a curriculum that adapts swiftly to emerging trends, ensuring that students are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the fast-paced IT industry.

In the Business domain, the internet-driven curriculum integrates traditional business principles with contemporary digital strategies. Students delve into areas such as digital marketing, e-commerce, and data analytics. Understanding the intersection between technology and business operations is crucial, and the curriculum reflects this by fostering a holistic approach.

In summary, our curriculum maps have been developed in order for our staff to deliver thought provoking and inspiring business and computing lessons that are consistent in quality and in routines, as well as giving a good balance between knowledge and skills. It goes beyond basic national curriculum requirements by emphasising the importance of a creative, student-centred curriculum and giving them real opportunities to develop life skills such as meeting stakeholders, delivering presentations, constructing arguments based on society and the economic climate and organising school events to develop confident, independent learners. Our courses allow for our students to develop analytical skills and critical thinking abilities to make informed decisions and prepare them to navigate the complexities of the modern corporate world, giving them valuable knowledge and skills applicable to various career paths and everyday life.