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Curriculum Statement: Believe | Strive | Achieve

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Westfield Academy is committed to providing a curriculum that is broad, balanced, challenging and fosters a love of learning. We match our curriculum to the abilities, interests and aspirations of our students, to give every child the opportunity to strive for personal excellence. Our hope is that every child who leaves Westfield Academy has the qualifications, skills, knowledge and character to lead a life that includes positive relationships, resilience and financial independence.

Embedding our message of Believe | Strive | Achieve is vital if we are to create successful, contributing citizens.


In order to fulfil these ideals, we have developed a three-year KS3 model and a two-year KS4 model.


The aim of our KS3 is to prepare students to develop as successful individuals, ready to meet the challenges of KS4. We have designed this on six key factors:

  • Embedding the basics: We have an intake, on average, below the national average, with significant EAL, SEN and Pupil Premium students. Therefore, it is important that we ensure we embed the basics in preparation for KS4. There will be a high level of focus on literacy and numeracy, both in lessons and in our pastoral programme.
  • Introducing new content and skills: We do recognise that part of KS3 is developing the subject-specific language and 'basics' required to succeed at KS4. Our faculty teams deliver the content in KS3 which forms the foundation for the work in KS4.
  • Generating a love of learning: We believe that students will only fully succeed if they enjoy what they do. We expect lessons to be interesting and engaging at KS3. Through clubs and "drop-down" days, we aim to ensure that students get the chance to take risks, be creative and enjoy their learning.
  • Developing positive, safe, protective behaviours: We believe that we must equip our students to be able to navigate the modern world they live in, safely and considerately. We do this through our pastoral programme (assemblies, form time) and PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) programme.
  • Encouraging healthy choices: We believe that we have a duty to ensure our students are educated to make the correct choices for a healthy lifestyle and a long, productive life. We do this through our pastoral programme (assemblies, form time) and PSHE programme. We do not allow 'sugary, fizzy' drinks in the Academy and are working with our catering company to improve the "healthy offer for students", whilst ensuring the costs are not prohibitive.
  • Create strong study habits and skills: We believe that we have a duty to give our students the skills and habits required to succeed academically.

Under the Faculties section of this page are subject-specific statements showing how they meet these key factors.


The options process takes place in Year 9 at Westfield Academy. Through the options process, we meet the statutory national requirements and aim to provide a bespoke curriculum.

For us, this means giving our students as much choice and flexibility as possible, whilst ensuring they follow examination courses that lead to positive outcomes and give them access to Post-16 opportunities at the correct level. Our options focus on the "English Baccalaureate" as well as allowing for a range of vocational options such as Hair & Beauty, Catering, Hospitality and Business Studies. We allow the same amount of curriculum time for Vocational Qualifications as GCSE courses to allow students the experience of exciting and relevant work-based projects alongside the assessed content. Please see the Options page for more information on the qualifications we offer on each route. (This may differ year-on-year, dependent on student choice.)

Achievement at KS4 is supported through PSHE and careers education and work experience at the end of KS4. Our focus being to ensure students know where they are going after compulsory education ends and how they get there.


We have a broad range of inclusive options Post-16, supported by an informal partnership with Watford Boys Grammar School. Our curriculum offer includes traditional A-Levels, as well as BTEC courses in ICT, Business and Health & Social Care. We also have a Hair & Beauty Academy and a Football Academy with Watford Football Club. (For further information, please visit the Sixth Form page.)


We are very proud of the outcomes our students achieve as the result of our curriculum and teaching and learning. Our progress 8 measure has been positive each year since the measure has been introduced and has improved year-on-year. 

Curriculum guides for individual years may be accessed by clicking here.