Our Pastoral Team

Westfield Academy is known to have the strongest pastoral care in South West Hertfordshire. Our pastoral team are on hand to help support students with their learning and ensure they are an active member of the school community. Our team visit lessons daily to engage with student learning but also run additional groups to help students improve things such as social interaction, academic performance and homework support. 

Pastoral Team

Inclusion Ms T Freeman - Inclusion Co-ordinator - tfr@westfield.academy

KS3 - Ms K Neal - Assistant Headteacher. KD@westfield.academy

KS4 (9 & 10) Mr P Smith - Assistant Headteacher - psm@westfield.academy

Year 11 Ms I Riaz - Deputy Headteacher -  ir@westfield.academy 

Heads of Year 

Year 7 - Mr H Lock - hlo@westfield.academy 

Year 8 - Mr K Andrew - Ksy@westfield.academy

Year 9 - Ms K Symonds - ksy@westfield.academy

Year 10 - Ms K Keating - kke@westfield.academy

Year 11 - Mr D Meale - dme@westfield.academy

Behaviour Mentor 

Mr W Pardoe - wpa@westfield.academy