Student Email

As part of Westfield’s commitment to improve our IT infrastructure and services, we are moving students email to a new “cloud” service called Office 365 for Education.  Office 365 is a Microsoft service accessed through an Internet browser; students will no longer use Outlook at school to access their email.

The advantages of Office 365 are many:

  • Email accessible from school and home.
  • Much larger mailboxes (25Gb) allowing for sending, storing and receiving emails with larger attachments.
  • Access to Microsoft’s “SkyDrive” with 7Gb of “cloud” storage” allowing you to use this as intermediate storage when moving files from school to home and vice versa; you may find that you do not need a pen drive (memory stick) and the problems that are associated with them.
  • Access to Microsoft’s Web based office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) allowing you to create and store files in a format compatible with those used by the applications in school.
  • This part of the website will provide information to allow you to make the best of the Office 365 service.

Please remember to come back to this site regularly as it will be updated according to the needs of the project.

To go to the Office 365 email service please follow this link: