Homework Timetables

At Westfield we believe that homework is an integral part of our student's learning experience. It reinforces learning, encourages independence and develops self-reliance and resilience. To be effective, it is important that it is regularly set and linked to the learning in lessons.

A copy of the homework outline for this half-term, for all years is available below.

One homework, per subject, per week has been allocated. The quantity of homework that is expected builds as the students get older and their studies become more challenging. The tasks for years 7 & 8 should last around 20 to 30 minutes per subject; in year 9, each homework task should take no less than 30 minutes; by years 10 & 11 this should be no less than 50 mins per subject, and in years 12 & 13, 1 hour of homework/independent study should to be set for every lesson.

Homework is to be set according to the timetable as a minimum; more homework can be set if teachers think it necessary to student’s learning and progress. It is the student’s responsibility to record homework legibly in their planners during the lesson and to complete and return their homework by the deadline given.

Although we strive to ensure that the systems around homework all operate smoothly, we acknowledge that occasionally homework will not be set, for example when a colleague is absent.

If you have concerns about homework, please contact me and let me know.

Thank you,

Alison Hartley
Deputy Headteacher