Westfield Academy recognises each child's natural and unique abilities. The potential of each child is celebrated by providing a comprehensive, rigorous, and individualised curriculum designed to meet the needs of each student. Children are taught to strive to meet their individual goals. Our teachers assist each child to understand how they learn. We strive to develop a sense of the value and power of education. They provide rich and varied opportunities to engage students in the learning process. The curriculum is child centered. It emphasizes the learning process, the physical wellbeing, effective communication, creativity, and the scientific method. We are dedicated to preparing students for success in an ever-changing world by creating and nurturing a community of life-long learners and responsible citizens. Our Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all students from all backgrounds and abilities. This is outlined in our Curriculum Policy.

At the start of each year parents in each year group are invited to "curriculum evenings" where the curriculum overview for the year is given out to all parents, along with support and guidance on how to help your child.


Curriculum guides for individual years may be accessed by clicking the link below: