Year 8 Options


Year 8 into 9 Options Process 2021



Dear Parents and Carers,      


Welcome to our Year 8 options evening. It’s a pleasure to welcome you to what is a very important evening. It’s not long since your child was “settling into” Westfield Academy, and now we are talking about their GCSEs. It seems soon. However, as they are so very important, it’s probably wise to say, “the sooner the better.” At Westfield Academy our exam results have been the strongest of all the “non-selective” schools. We believe this is partly down to our options process. There are two key elements to it;


  1. It is three years not two. Why? Well it seems wise. If as we know success at GCSEs is vitally important, then surely we should allow the teachers and the students three years, not two, to focus on them, in order to get the best results.
  2. . The key changes are;
    1. BTEC Sport Science. All students have to do “Games” it is good for their health and well-being. However, it is a significant amount of curriculum time over three years. So, what we decided is that as they are studying it they should get a qualification. All students will study BTEC Sport Science as part of their “Games” lessons. The qualification is worth 1 GCSE if they achieve a level 2 Pass.
    2. Religious Education. It is expected that all students will complete Religious Education and focus on social, moral and ethical aspects of the curriculum, in some form at school. For this reason, we have decided that all our students will sit the GCSE.


Thank you for your support, we can guarantee that your child will have the best possible chance of success.


Miss I Riaz (Deputy Headteacher.)


Please see click (or copy into browser) the link below to make your option choices;



Please look at the powerpoint and the subject booklet below, before making your final choices.


Year 8 Options Booklet 2021

Year 8 Options Booklet 2021