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Headteacher's Welcome

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Westfield Academy. We are an amazing school and a fabulous alternative to the local Grammar Schools. We are a non-selective school that converted to Academy status in September 2012. This was on the back of an OFSTED inspection in November 2012, where we were judged “Good” in all areas. This reflected the huge improvements we have made over the last 7 years. During that time the Academy has gone from strength to strength. The exams results for the students have consistently improved. Students at Westfield make at least good progress. In both English and Maths year on year students make above expected progress. This is so gratifying as unlike most local schools we don’t select our students.

At Westfield “One size doesn’t fit all.” We are not and never will be a selective school. We believe that it is our duty to cater to the wide variety of needs of all our students. We stream our students on entry (based on achievement at primary school.) This has allowed us to create a “Grammar Stream” which is highly academic and designed to mirror a Grammar stream experience, for very able students. This is reflected in our curriculum where our offer ranges from Further Maths and Latin to Hair and Beauty, Horticulture and Construction. It is my aim as Headteacher to ensure that we offer opportunities for all students to achieve and not to set them up to fail.

Our Sixth form also mirrors this ethos. In the Sixth form students can follow a very academic A-level program, or follow more vocational courses such as BTECs, or join either of our “Academies.” In the sixth for we have Academies in both hair and beauty and Football. Our Football course is a joint venture with Watford FC and has proven to be both popular and successful

The icing on the cake is that we are all part of the Governments Priority Schools Build. This means that we are currently having a new state of the art school building, being built. This will open in November 2016. I am particularly delighted as Westfield does have a rather chequered history and this new build would give us, the students and the community the school that I believe it deserves.

I urge you all to visit us; you will find interesting, courteous, engaged students who want to do succeed, alongside teachers prepared to go the extra mile (and more) for all their students. If you would like to visit or just get in touch, please don’t hesitate to do so;

Tim Body