Section 1: Students

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

This is the basis for the approach to e-Safety for students (see Online Safety Policy.) It is:

  • Advertised to students on a monthly basis at login time
  • Requires acceptance by students on a monthly basis
  • Supported by the provision of individual logins and passwords for each student
  • Re-enforced by staff

Social Networking

Students are made aware of issues that can arise through Social Networking and, through the intranet, are advised on the privacy settings that should be set

School Policies

The online safety policy includes guidance for all visitors, staff members, parents and students on how ICT is expected to be safely used at Westfield Academy. It also includes guidance sheets for parents on how to keep their children safe.

e-Safety specifically is highlighted in the Anti-bullying and Behaviour policies.

On-going Education

A staged programme encourages the safe and responsible use of ICT. This includes:

  • CEOP Think You Know is provided to all year 7 students by certified trainers from the Hertfordshire Constabulary
  • The use of the Internet, including social networking and using the Internet as a source of information in enforced during the delivery of ICT in Key Stage 3
  • Westfield Academy bases a week of form time for all year groups and also provides a dedicated SLT led assembly based around “Safer Internet Day”.
  • e-Safety, including cyber bullying is highlighted during PSHE education on bullying

Section 2: Staff

The basis for the approach to e-Safety for staff is the Acceptable Use Policy. This is signed annually by all staff and is available on the school intranet as one of the school policies. The Staff Manual contains explicit advice about the use of IT and emails.

Section 3: Technical Management

Access to the Internet is filtered by Hertfordshire LEA.  The filtering is updated daily according to predefined access lists.  Access to inappropriate sites is restricted to both staff and students

The network is accessed via a log in with user name and password which enables the history to be checked at any time; this is made clear to users.

Securus software monitors the use of PCs for inappropriate phrases.

Section 4: Responsibilities and Review

Responsibility for e-Safety lies with the Senior Leadership Team who work with the ICT Support Team to apply school policy.