Biometric Data

From 1st September 2013 the law concerning school’s right to collect and use biometric fingerprint information has changed.

Depending when your child started at Westfield will depend whether:

  • You provided written consent for Westfield to take biometric fingerprint information from your child – referred to below as explicit consent.
  • You opted to NOT object to allowing Westfield to take biometric fingerprint information from your child – referred to below as implied consent

How do we use the information?

The biometric fingerprint information that we are referring to above is used by Westfield to provide a cashless catering service in the school.  The information that you were provided with when you gave explicit or implied consent also referred to a possible use of the system at some time in the future by our school library.

The change in the law

With the change in the law the school is no longer able to use this information from 1st September 2013 without the explicit consent of one or more of the parents of children at the school and for this reason we are required to ask you to provide written explicit consent to our use of the biometric data that we hold for your children.

Where can I find more information?

More information concerning the use of biometric information is available on this web site (see the menu on the left).

How do I give or deny consent?

Westfield has sent a form home that you must complete.  If you have not received the form another copy is available by clicking on the links below:

What if I do not wish to give consent to Westfield’s use of my child’s biometric data?

If consent is not provided, the school has to provide an alternative way for your child(ren) to use the facilities managed by the biometric data.

In Westfield’s case this will be by the provision of “lunch cards” that will have to be swiped through readers instead of using biometric fingerprints.

These cards will have to be purchased and administered by the school and it is our intention to pass these costs on to the families.  In addition to a charge for the initial card there will be a charge for the replacement of a lost or damaged card. 

It is expected that these costs will not exceed three pounds (£3.00) every time a card is issued and the funds for this will be recovered automatically through the schools cashless catering system.